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School Trips

At Camp Creek Run we offer environmental education field trips to schools for grades K-12.  Educators can choose from one of our many themes, or we can work with teachers to design a program tied directly into your classroom's curriculum. Programs will be developmentally appropriate as per age and grade, and will include elements of science, nature observation, and outdoor adventure. 

To inquire, please call Executive Director Keara R. Giannotti at 856-596-4250 or email us

Sample Field Trip Topics for Grades K-12

Habitat Study - students explore 3 to 4 habitats at Camp Creek Run (forest, meadow, pond, and farm)

Stream Study - students collect and examine macroinvertebrates from pond or stream

Focus on Forests - a program to enhance understanding of forest ecosystems and the nutrient cycle

Life Cycles - an introduction to metamorphosis and the life cycles of various animals

We Are Scientists - an exploration of different natural science disciplines (mycology, dendrology, entomology, etc.) including utilizing tools of the trade

Magical Migration - students learn about the migration of birds, butterflies, and eels

Bees & Other Pollinators - an investigation of the important role of bees & other pollinators in the wild and in the garden

Fungi in the Forest - an introduction to the Kingdom Fungi and the important role fungi play as symbionts, parasites, and decomposers in the forest ecosystem

Topics are offered to all age groups, and activities will be tailored specifically toward your group's age and grade level. 


You may call to discuss or suggest other topics depending on your needs.

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