Week Seven- 2019

Hello Creek Run Tribe!

Hello parents and campers! Welcome to the seventh edition of the 2019 on-line Trail Talk, Camp Creek Run's summer camp newsletter. We had a fun-filled week and we hope you did too!

Building Respect!

If a camper can learn three things from their experience at Camp Creek Run, it's respect for others, nature, and themselves. We hope to show our kids how to get along with each other in all types of situations. Our staff helps the campers navigate their relationships with others in their villages and the Creek Run Tribe. By sharing time in the outdoors, we hope that when the kids go back to school, they will have a new confidence about themselves and how to treat others.

Game Time!

All of the villages worked hard on creating games for the big Carnival day on Thursday. The cool thing about games is that they need to be tested and retested to come up with the perfect outcome. And that many different people can enjoy the product. Not to mention making something that looks interesting. There was some great problem solving all week as all of the games were fun and held up to a lot of usage. Well done everyone!

Jump Around!

Carnival Day was a great success as the villages made 9 new games that were played for prizes! The day revolved around getting a chance to fly in the Bounce House. Later, the tribe met in the common area that was transformed into carnival grounds! There was water ice, face painting, prizes, and fun for all! Everyone was a winner as they all had a chance to show off their skills on the games. Great job staff!

Camp Directors Neil & Keara

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