Week Six- 2019

Hello Creek Run Tribe!

Hello parents and campers! Welcome to the sixth edition of the 2019 on-line Trail Talk, Camp Creek Run's summer camp newsletter. We had a fun-filled week and we hope you did too!

The Hoop!

One of the great pass times at Camp Creek Run is Hula Hooping. From the Kits to the staff, everyone seems to want to levitate a hoop on their hips. The wonderful thing about it is that it is such a communal experience. New campers learn from professional campers and the process goes on and on. There are amazing techniques like walking with the hoop and kneeling down with the hoop and of course, multiple hoops! So parents, get yourself a hoop and get a taste of camp! It's great for your core muscles!

Trail Work!

One of the best things about CCR is taking a peaceful walk in the woods. Even a peaceful walk with twenty of your close friends can transport you to a different place. When Keara and Amber take the campers into the woods, they point out all the things to look for and listen to. The trails at Camp Creek Run are the bridge to the natural world. Take a walk with your family to a nearby wooded trail and take a deep breadth!

Water Wackiness!

All week the CCR Tribe was looking forward to Wacky Water Day. And there was plenty of wackiness to go around! First, the upper camp showed off their synchronicity skills at pool one. Each village put on a wondrous exhibition of swimming feats as the tribe looked on. Then all of the villages rotated through a morning of water activities including a huge water slide in the pool field! Bubbles were a big favorite and water ice from Leos was delicious as usual. Thanks to all the staff for making the day so memorable for all the kids!

Camp Directors Neil & Keara

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