Week Two- 2019

Hello Creek Run Tribe!

Hello parents and campers! Welcome to the second edition of the 2019 on-line Trail Talk, Camp Creek Run's summer camp newsletter. We had a fun-filled week and we hope you did too!

Bringing the Goods!

Scott the Snake Guy has been a friend of Camp Creek Run for many years. He has first hand knowledge of all things slithery. The great thing about Scott is that he brings the goods! In other words, when Scott comes to camp he brings a variety of the most amazing snakes that you've ever seen! And with each snake, Scott has a story and a message about their species and how they fit into the ecosystem. The campers are always enthralled!


One of the great parts of CCR is our pools. Campers can get into a pool at least twice a day. And for some, if they choose, five times a day! And some do! But the main thing to keep in mind is safety at our pools. We have the most spectacular lifeguards and swim instructors at Camp Creek Run. We have a swim program that's second to none! From blowing bubbles in the water to life saving techniques, our campers can grow up through camp as confident and excellent swimmers. We want all the kids to cool off in the pools, of course. But we also are proud that CCR will ensure that outside of camp, kids are great swimmers for life.

I Can't Hear You!

Kings Grant was complaining that our cheers are too loud! At least that's how it seemed at our annual Cheer & Flag Parade this week. All of the villages worked together to come up with a new village cheer and a flag. All week you could hear cheers from the past and new cheers being practiced. The flags were fantastic with their references to the campers and camp life. It all came down to the big parade on Thursday where the villages presented their cheers and flag to the tribe. The lifeguards looked on and were spellbound by the teamwork in the presentations. And what a sight to see all the villages screaming their cheers around the lake. Thanks to all the staff for their hard work!

Camp Directors Neil & Keara

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