Week Three- 2018

Hello Creek Run Tribe!

Hello parents and campers! Welcome to the third edition of the 2018 on-line Trail Talk, Camp Creek Run's summer camp newsletter. We had a fun-filled week and we hope you did too!

Put a Bird on It!

There is nothing more gratifying than making something with your own two hands. The art pad is a place where creative ideas make beautiful things! In the morning, CCR Art Supervisor Judi guides the lower campers through lots of fun arts and crafts. In the afternoon Judi and Carlie create interesting textiles with the upper campers for afternoon activities. Hope and Kathleen navigate our little clay studio in the afternoon. But all day the art pad is used as a breezeway for creativity! So many events need a banner or costume or mustache! Express yourself everyday!

The Lizard Guy!

Billy the Lizard guy made an impressive appearance at camp this week. He brought some reptile and amphibian friends and had the kids in stitches! Billy is a great speaker and the campers learned a lot about all of his slithery friends.

Stiff Upper Lip!

One of our favorite camp days is Mustache Day! This is where staff and campers agree not to shave all day in the hopes of growing a truly beautiful manicured fashion accessory. Why, by the end of the day, some had to have their mustaches shaved! Some of those Kittatinnies get a five o'clock shadow!

Camp Directors Neil & Keara

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