Week One - 2018

Hello Creek Run Tribe!

Hello parents and campers! Welcome to the first edition of the 2018 on-line Trail Talk, Camp Creek Run's summer camp newsletter. We had a fun-filled week and we hope you did too!

Back in the Saddle!!

It seems like only yesterday that our Camp Creek Run Tribe was together! The first week at camp is an opportunity to reunite old friends and bring new ones into our big tribe! As we say at the beginning of every week, "No one eats alone at CCR. Make sure to welcome new villagers into our tribe!" Time to get this party started!

Scott is Back!

Scott the Snake guy has been visiting CCR for many years. He has a love for all the slithering creepy-crawly members of our natural world. So, when Scott arrived with some of his best buds of the serpentine persuasion, campers took notice. Scott had lots of facts and stories about his snakes and the kids squealed and oohed and aahed with delight as he introduced each one. We are lucky at camp to see several species of native snakes every summer, and we like to educate our campers about their importance in the ecosystem.


In the afternoon, the upper campers get to select from 10-15 different activities per period. We have three periods in the afternoon! This is where our talented staff lead the campers in everything from archery to clay work. We know there are campers who could fish for all three periods or swim in the pool all day. But we hope that all of our kids will try out some new activities and get some new experiences. Who knows, yoga could be your new thing!

I've Got Spirit, How 'bout You?!

This week, our villages prepared for our annual Spirit Parade! That's where all the groups create village cheers and village flags. This summer we were amazed by what the talented staff and campers came up with. The lifeguards and the camp watched and listened to the spirited songs and then the whole tribe looped around the lake cheering at the top of their lungs so that everyone in Marlton could hear them. As always, the event is a time to build closer ties with each village. It was something to see!

Camp Directors Neil & Keara

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